Mango Lassie (Vegan)

Ingredients (For 2 Portions): 1 Mango Silken Tofu - 200 g Mango Juice - 100 ml Lemon Balm (for Decoration) Put everthing except the lemon balm into a mixer and blend it until you get a creamy lassie. This one is a really simple but very tasty recipe. 😉 Bon Appétit!


Golden Almond Milk

Ingredients (for 1 Portion): Almond Milk (or any other kind of Milk) - 250 ml Cinnamon - 1 Teaspoon Tumeric -  Teaspoon (Honey / Agave syrup) Heat the milk and add all the spieces mentioned above. While the milk is heating up fume it with a wire whip. For those who like it more sweet: … Continue reading Golden Almond Milk